You Taste Like A Song.


The Extraordinary Ordinary Life Of José Gonzàlez
The film revolves around the life and mind of musician José González. Using congenial methods; video diary, surveillance camera, concert footage, tour documentation and animation,
directors Mikel Cee Karlsson and Fredrik Egerstrand give form to something as elusive as the creative process of one of Sweden’s finest – and most secretive – musicians.

In the film we follow José González through intimate and unique scenes shot during work with the long-awaited second album “In our nature”. In his studio, at home and on tour. Through a diary, based on personal voice recordings we follow his everyday reflections. Thoughts on the photons way from the sun to our eyes, Darwinism, the struggle to write songs. The film gives us an exclusive insight into the, at many times, lonely creative process and of one persons attempt to manage and understand his own existence. The film was shot over a three year period on location in Sweden, Japan, Singapore, United States, South Africa, England, Chile and Argentina.

Director’s Comment
/ There is something absurd, fascinating and beautiful in our attempts to find meaning in our existence. With The Extraordinary ordinary life of José González we wanted to give form to the personal artistic process. How personal reflection and everyday fragments of life shapes our input and output /


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