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Ten Reasons To Be An Architect 
1. It’s a lifestyle, not a job. 
2. People respect architects (concerteza nunca ninguém falou a este senhor do Tomás Taveira) 
3. Job is constantly evolving. 
4. Artistic freedom and personal expression. 
5. You can be your own boss. 
6. There are tangible (and sometimes euphoric) results. 
7. We can positively impact peoples lives. 
8. Experimentation is expected. 
9. Longevity of Career. 
10. Incredible variety of options within the profession.
 Bonus. We can wear ridiculous eye wear and get away with it.


Ten Reasons Not To Be An Architect 
1. The gene pool that is your social life will not have a lot of diversity 
2. The pay and benefits are not as good as they could be 3. The hours you work are long and under-valued 4. Your ideals don’t really matter 
5. If your ideals are important to you, you will lose work 
6. Not all architects have fun jobs 
7. The house you live in will depress you 
8. You will live with terrible decisions 
9. Architecture requires a lot of work and dedication
10. You probably won’t be a designer

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